Sunday, October 17, 2021

Thanksgiving All Year Long

 Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him (Psalm 34:8).

During this Thanksgiving season - what are you most thankful for? Is it something to do with your family, your workplace, or maybe your place of worship? Do you express thanksgiving for big things as well as the little things?  Do you vocalize what you are thankful for to your family, friends and most importantly, to God Himself?

As Christians, we are to develop and display a grateful heart.

We are told in Psalm 100:4 “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.”

Thanksgiving is likely based on the traditional “first thanksgiving” harvest meal shared in 1621 at the Plymouth Colony Plantation by the Pilgrims and a group of Native Americans.

The first Thanksgiving feast lasted three days providing enough food for 53 pilgrims and 90 native Americans. The feast consisted of fowl, venison, fish, lobster, clams, berries, fruit, pumpkin, and squash. William Bradford noted that, "besides waterfowl, there was great store of wild turkeys, of which they took many”, probably gave rise to the American tradition of eating turkey at Thanksgiving.”

Thanksgiving is generally observed on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. This holiday provides a valuable opportunity for the strengthening of family bonds, expressions of gratitude, and a reminder of God’s rich blessings.

As Christians, we acknowledge God’s goodness and provision in our expression of Thanksgiving. 

God’s Word implores us to give thanks to Him. Both Old and New Testament books of the Bible encourage us to have an attitude of gratitude. Psalm 50:14 tells us to, “Offer to God thanksgiving.”  Psalm 95:2 says, “Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving...”  In Philippians 4:6 the Apostle Paul declares, “…in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” 

One of my favorite psalms is 136.  It begins with verses 1-3 - thanking God for His Goodness.  "Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. Oh, give thanks to the God of gods! For His mercy endures forever.  Oh, give thanks to the Lord of lords! For His mercy endures forever."  So much we have to be thankful for!  

Thank Jesus for your salvation.  If we had nothing else to be thankful for, that would be sufficient!

Oh, how we thank Him for rescuing us from certain destruction and eternal doom!  In II Corinthians 9:15 Paul says this, “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” 

This Thanksgiving, make it a priority to focus on faith, family, and giving.  The blessing we receive from meeting the needs of someone else is huge.  Give to your local shelter, or volunteer your time.  Do something different as a family, and make a memory by serving others in your community.  Help distribute gift baskets at church to the needy, or invite a co-worker who doesn't have immediate family nearby for a home-cooked meal and fellowship.  

                                         Enjoy one of the greatest praise songs ever sung 
                                           Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart 

Deborah is the author of a Christian non-fiction book titled “Mission Possible”. It is written for women who love the Lord Jesus, but their spouse doesn’t share their passion.  It will encourage and challenge the reader to embrace God’s promises for their spouse and future together.  


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