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Deborah grew up in a military family and moved to Florida in the early 1970's.  She began her journey of creative writing soon after coming to know Jesus as her personal Savior. Her primary goal is to share her personal testimony with others while bringing hope and practical help through her writing.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Guest Author Elizabeth Marks ~ "Discover the Riches of His Grace"

Please welcome Guest Author Elizabeth Marks and her book:   Discover the Riches of His Grace - Learning to Do Relationships God's Way

This devotional inductive Bible study is based on the Book of Ephesians. It includes 18 lessons, 6 devotions, and 6 changes to connect online to share what you've learned through the study with others. 

The primary audience is women who long to draw closer to God and improve their relationships. Secondary audience is individuals and small group leaders who want to dig deeper into the Bible and learn new study methods. 

What's inside:
Discover a fresh perspective on all God has done for you.  Learn of His great love for you, which is strong enough to change you and your relationships forever. Discover how inductive Bible study method helps you unlock the Bible and make it understandable. Learn how to create own observation worksheet for better interaction with God’s words. Build your confidence in correctly interpreting God’s words through use of Bible concordance and word studies. Learn what spiritual blessings are already yours. Identify five healthy life patterns leading to satisfaction in Christ Jesus. Discover strength in God like no other. Understand the importance of sacrifice and submission in relationships. Learn who your real enemies are and how to combat their negative effects in your life. Record your discoveries in our Truth Tracker to help you remember what you learned. Connect with author and others online to share what you discovered through the study.

About the Author:

Elizabeth, author of ThinkOnIt  Devotions, was born and raised in Southern California. After being married for 10 years with a five year old son, she and her husband were on the brink of divorce in late 1999. During that dark time, she and her husband came to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior through Saddleback Church’s Celebrate Recovery program. Now filled with God’s love, their hearts are renewed, their marriage restored and they were blessed with a second son in 2004! Elizabeth and Steve celebrated 23 years of marriage as of 2011. Grateful for God’s second chance, Elizabeth has a heart for encouraging and equipping people with God’s word.   Need some hope?  Visit http://www.ThinkOnIt.org today for Bible devotions, Bible studies, small group leader tips, and more.

Elizabeth’s favorite two verses are Philippians 3:9 NLT “I no longer count on my own righteousness through obeying the law; rather, I become righteous through faith in Christ. For God’s way of making us right with himself depends on faith” and Galatians 2:20 NLT “My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”

How did you get started writing?
In 2006 God started talking to me through my devotional time with Him. As I meditated on Scripture, a certain theme, point, or truth would stand out and resonate with me. I wouldn’t know fully what it meant unless I journal it out in handwriting. These journal entries turned into devotions I shared with my women’s small group to encourage them. Sometimes these devotions make it back to me and actually end up encouraging me! Isn’t funny how God uses things to get our attention?

Why did you write this Bible Study?
I took a class on bringing the Bible to life and was excited about the inductive study method. It unlocked Scripture for me. I wanted to share it with it with my workplace small group.  The women from my small group enjoyed the study tools I taught and encouraged me to share it with others.

Why did you pick Ephesians as the first book to try the inductive study method?
Ephesians is a wonderful book filled with the awesomeness of God and His blessings towards us. It is packed with valuable relational lessons that will not only draw us closer to God but with the added benefit of improving our earthly relationships too!

Is this study part of a series of studies?
Actually, yes it is. This is the first of a new line of Bible studies branded Your Discovery Series. There are several studies (James, Colossians, Haggai, Joshua, Obediah) in the works to follow this one

Is there any significance behind the name Your Discovery Series?
Yes. I feel strongly God’s words are for everyone. The Bible is not too hard for anyone. No one should be dependent on someone else to tell them what the Bible says. Your Discovery Series is designed to get you into the Bible like never before. The intent is create a hunger or craving for more of the Bible.  

How would someone connect/follow you?

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You can purchase Discover the Riches of His Grace on  Amazon

If you live in Southern California, I am available to visit your small group. I am also available to speak at local churches in Southern California. I’m always happy to share how God rocked my world. Feel free to contact me at Elizabeth@thinkonit.org.

Deborah is the author of a Christian non-fiction book titled “Mission Possible”.  It is written for women who love the Lord Jesus, but their spouse doesn’t share their passion.  It will encourage and challenge the reader to embrace God’s promises for their spouse and future together.  Visit



  1. Elizabeth - thanks for sharing this wonderful study based on the book of Ephesians. Discovering God and all He has for us is our life's journey. May He bless your far-reaching ministry and enlighten those who read this great book!

  2. Great post. I've had a similar experience when I was working through childhood issues resulting from an alcoholic home and sexual abuse by a member of the clergy. I journaled and it turned into a two-way conversation with God. Even now, when I have something intense to discuss with the Lord, I write to Him. I have books full of writing. You are encouraging me to go back through them and review what He has said to me.


    Tom Blubaugh, Author
    Night of the Cossack

    1. Thanks for stopping by Bob! Journals often turn into great resources for writing books and poetry. God just encouraged you through Elizabeth and her wonderful Bible study devotion. Her interview is insightful and inspiring! :)

  3. This sounds like a powerful devotional/bible study. I've added to my wish list and look forward to getting a copy. Ephesians is one of my favorite books.

    May God continue to bless you and your work!

    1. Thanks for visiting Brenda! Ephesians is one of my favorite studies also! Elizabeth has a wonderful resource for serious Bible study. :)



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