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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Daily Bread - Staff of Life

In this present day “gluten-free” environment bread might not be as popular as it once was. 

Seems everyone is concerned with counting carbs and watching their starch intake.  However, my Mom always says, “Bread is the staff of life.”

The American Heritage Dictionary defines it this way:

staff of life  -  n. pl.   staves of life or staffs of lifeA staple or necessary food, especially bread.

Bread was the ancient Israelites’ essential food. It was made of flour, either of wheat or barley, ground in a hand mill or quern consisting of two stones. When ground, the flour might be coarse or fine. Flour was generally made into leavened bread, but at Passover only unleavened bread was eaten. 'Spelt' is sometimes mentioned in the Bible; this was grain of poor quality. Poor people ate barley bread.

During the exodus from Egypt, the Hebrews ate a special food provided by God.  Manna came from heaven at night, resembling frost, coming with the dew (Numbers 11:9).  Josephus and other ancient writers attribute the name manna to the question “Is it food?” which helps to explain the Hebrew version of the word man (which is a question) added to hu - thus forming the word manna ("What is it?"). This life-giving substance appeared daily in the wilderness on their journey to the Promised land.

Manna was described as white, delicious in flavor, and may have resembled the seed of coriander, a plant of the eastern Mediterranean area which was both tasty and nourishing (Exodus 16:31) 

It was ground and used to make cakes.  Manna was a temporary provision for God’s chosen people.  It was called bread from heaven in Psalm 105:40, and Jesus Himself was referred to as the true Bread from Heaven in John 6:31-63.

Jesus taught the multitudes in His famous Sermon on the Mount that Kingdom living would be challenging. The Beatitudes were a series of teachings that centered on a declaration of blessedness – spiritual conditions set forth by God for man’s benefit.  In Matthew 5:6 Jesus says, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled.” 

As I began to meditate on that verse, I understood that my hunger would only be satisfied in the Living Bread Himself – JESUS - my Manna from heaven!  I need Him every day – afresh and new. I must make time for Him to speak to me and refresh my soul.

One of my favorite devotionals is Our Daily Bread which has been translated into over 40 languages and favored for over sixty years worldwide. Our Daily Bread  has resources to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to people of all nations, helping them grow in Christlikeness and in the knowledge of God’s Word.

If I am to remain steadfast in my love for Him and for my husband, I need to partake of His grace, teachings and spirit-led living every day.  

My practice of prayer, devotionals and studying the Word of God helps me to maintain my Christian walk and witness to others. If you are living in an unequally-yoked marriage you must fortify yourself daily with the Manna from heaven.  

Jesus is your daily bread - eat and be satisfied...

Deborah is the author of a Christian non-fiction book titled “Mission Possible”. It is written for women who love the Lord Jesus, but their spouse doesn’t share their passion.  It will encourage and challenge the reader to embrace God’s promises for their spouse and future together. 

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