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Monday, May 14, 2012

Guest Author Marcia Laycock - Amazon Launch of "A Tumbled Stone"

Please welcome Marcia Laycock and her new book ~
A Tumbled Stone, as she launches this long-awaited sequel to One Smooth Stone on Amazon.

One Smooth Stone  won Marcia the Best New Canadian Christian Author Award when it was released, and her second book will not disappoint.

Go to Marcia's BLOG to find out how to get Free books and gifts after purchasing  A Tumbled Stone  on Amazon.

About the Book:

Andrea Calvert had to run away. She couldn't stay on the farm with her foster parents, shaming them before their neighbors and legalistic church. She couldn't face going to live with strangers in her condition, as her foster mother had arranged. But she couldn't face being pregnant and alone. She would have to take care of this in her own way. But when Andrea arrives at Evie's Rocky Road Diner, she sees an opportunity for work and decides to stay. 

Evie's gentle advice begins to change her heart. She shows her the stone tumbler set up in the basement of the diner and gives Andrea a stone pendant, saying, "God is always doing things in our lives, but it takes time. He knows exactly when to take the pressure off or increase it. He knows just how much tumbling we need." As she struggles to make decisions that will change her life, Andrea discovers her foster mother's diary and the wrenching story that reveals the deep reasons for the dysfunction in their family. Meanwhile, a figure from Andrea's past has hired investigators to find her. Is Andrea's life at risk at Evie's Diner?

About the Author: (in her own words)

I [Marcia] was raised at the conjunction of two of the Great Lakes, Huron and Superior, in Sault Ste.Marie, Ontario. Most of my childhood was spent on an island on the north shore of Lake Huron.

After a short stint at Carleton University in Ottawa, I ran away to Alaska and then the Yukon, had a "road to Mayo" conversion in 1982, leaped by faith into Briercrest Bible College with my husband in 1985 and landed in the "promised land" of central Alberta in 1988.

I've had the privilege of living a few miles south of the Arctic Circle (Dawson City Yukon) and a couple of degrees south of the equator (Papua New Guinea). I suppose that's why my writing is steeped in the imagery of winter, with the odd palm tree thrown in.

For the past 20-odd years, I've been a pastor's wife, mother of three girls, a freelance writer and speaker, caretaker of two dogs, a six-toed cat and sundry fish.

The writing began in the attic of my parent's house where I wrote stories for my dolls. None of them complained, so I kept it up. The Lord has abundantly blessed, challenged, rebuked, healed and restored me through the process of writing and being involved with writers. I am a member of  Inscribe Christian Writers' Fellowship, The Word Guild and American Christian Fiction Writers.

A Mini Interview with Marcia: 

1. Marcia, Please tell us the title and genre of your fiction book.
  A Tumbled Stone – contemporary fiction; ISBN - 978-1-77069-455-2

2. Tell us about A Tumbled Stone. Why did you write it?
  When I came to the end of the first book, One Smooth Stone, I wasn't ready to leave the characters behind and I thought the readers might feel the same. So I wrote the epilogue in which the main character, Alex, discovers he has a sister. Then it was a matter of playing "what if" and developing the new characters and the plot line. I knew where I wanted the book to go but it wasn't always easy making it go there. :)

The book involves the issue of abortion, and I wanted that to be an important part but not the central part of the book. The main character's struggle to shape her own identity and reconcile her feelings about her foster parents is paramount. The subplot involves the dysfunction in the relationship between her foster parents and how they resolve it.

3. Tell us about a significant moment for you as you were writing the book (either personally or professionally)
  I suppose the most significant thing is that I was diagnosed with cancer just as the book was accepted by a publisher. That meant all the editing was done while struggling with "chemo-haze" so it was a challenge in many ways. My energy level was extremely low so I had to do what I could in short bits. I am very thankful for my editor at Word Alive Press. He was very helpful and patient with me. I'm also thankful that my energy level has rebounded nicely - I need all I can muster now, in the thick of the promotion. :)

4. What is significant about this book? Why should people read it?
  I think a lot of people are running and hiding - from their lives and from God. We all do this to some degree (even Christians) and I believe God wants us to stop and face the past traumas, what we have done, etc. And he wants us to know He loves us in spite of it all, even when we make bad choices. As I mentioned, this book deals with abortion and my prayer is that it may help a young woman somewhere make the right choice for her unborn child. I also hope that after reading A Tumbled Stone readers will have more compassion for young women who find themselves in the place of having to make such a profound, life-changing decision.

5. Where can readers purchase A Tumbled Stone?
  They can purchase it at any Christian bookstore (distributed by Ingram in the U.S.) or directly from me via my website, or from the publisher at  http://www.wordalivepress.ca 
You can also visit Marcia's website Here

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  1. Got your book ordered, Marcia, and can't wait to read it and enjoy! May the Lord bless your writing!



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