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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guest Author Angel Brown - "The Great X-Cape"

Book Review - The Great X-Cape

We all have grown-up with superheroes: Superman, Batman, the Lone Ranger, Spiderman, and more. Angel Brown has written The Great X-Cape to showcase her Superhero: JESUS, the King of Glory!

After years of donning her own cape, she came to the realization that, in and of ourselves, we are nothing. Jesus is the rightful owner of that “superhero cape” – one that is supernatural, commanding all of our honor, respect and glory that is due Him. During one of the darkest periods of her life, Angel laid down her claim to her life, and made her great escape. Jesus began a work in her life that is on-going, just as it is with all believers, until we are complete in Him.

The Great X-Cape chronicles a variety of Angel’s experiences, and how God showed her what the “truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” really was. Living what she thought was the American dream, pursuing a career, and living her life on her own terms brought years of struggle and frustration. As she began to discover God’s perfect plan for her life, Angel grew in the grace and knowledge of Him, allowing her to relinquish control over to her new Superhero.

The author weaves the Holy Scriptures throughout her book in a way that brings practical help and encouragement to the reader. Her biblical applications enable us to understand how God wants to free us from ourselves, in order to bring Him glory. We cannot continue in our own strength for long, without running full-force into our own pride and human limitations. The Great X-Cape brings a fresh, personal look at how Angel overcame herself, and allowed God to showcase her as one of His crowning accomplishments – a true daughter of the King.
Reviewed by Deborah McCarragher, Author of “MISSION POSSIBLE”

                                                                  A little bit about the Author:
Angel Brown was born Catherine Frances Hernandez in Brooklyn, New York on July 23, 1966. After publishing her first book, The Great X-Cape, author Angel Brown joined the ranks of influential groups and people from Tuskegee, Alabama as Tuskegee’s newest author. Author Angel Brown found her God-ordained calling in life as a Christian writer in 2009 after experiencing the most impossible situation in her life. During that time, Angel found a deeper relationship with God and realized that nothing is impossible with Him. The concept of The Great X-Cape is about surrendering our self-made invisible cape to a real Superhero who cannot fail. Angel Brown’s second book, The Great X-Cape II (God’s Amazing Love) is in the process of being published through her own publishing company, Angel Christian Publishing, LLC. To contact Angel Brown email  angelbrown1966@yahoo.com  To view the author’s website please visit:  http://www.thegreatx-cape.com/ .

Tell us a bit about YOU as a person that your readers might not know.
I live in Tuskegee, Alabama. I am 43 years old. I have four adult children and two grandchildren. After working in various professions throughout the years, I became a writer of Christian and inspirational literature in 2009. . I have also started my own radio show on the BlogTalkRadio network called “The Angel Brown Radio Show".  You can hear excerpts from my book and the secret to my success at:


What happened in your life that made you want to become a writer?
I experienced the most traumatic and impossible situation in my life, and God used that particular situation to speak to my heart about what He wanted me to do. God first began to change me, and then He began to change my situation. When I found a real relationship with God, I found my calling in life as a writer of Christian and inspirational literature. God has done some amazing things for me and I just “had” to tell the world!
What is unique about your book?
My book is unique because it was written in a way that anyone can relate to. Even though my book is a Christian book, everyone can understand that hardships of life, and can be inspired and encouraged by my testimony in it. My book contains life changing messages that are biblical-based and it provides my readers with a unique spiritual message that can change their lives in a positive way.
What is the overall message of your book?
The concept of the great x-cape is about escaping from the things that have hindered our success in the past and becoming a different person that will ultimately make the difference in our circumstances. When we change, our circumstances change. Many times, we focus on our outside situations and we fail to see what is going on inside of us. We focus on our outward problems and we do not realize that, many times, we “are” the problem. When we change our problems change. Understanding who God is and who we are is vital to making our great x-cape. Two people cannot drive one car. Someone has to drive and someone has to ride. When we give God the wheel of our lives and we truly surrender to Him, we will find Him to be the greatest superhero that has ever existed. We all like to think of ourselves as invincible at times, but when we surrender our self-made invisible capes to a real superhero who deserves to wear it, we will be on the road to making our great x-cape. Nothing is impossible with God when we allow Him to drive us to the wonderful spiritual places that He intends for us to go.
Any last comments for your potential readers?
Actually, I want my potential readers to understand that the concept of the Great X-Cape is about being the Christian that we say we are, and knowing God for who He is.  I strayed away from God because I didn’t truly trust Him as I said that I did. God got my attention and allowed me to experience the worst tragedy imaginable in my life. I called out to God from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t know if God would hear me after I had ignored Him for so long. God is not like us. He is a forgiving and merciful Father who is full of love and compassion. After being delivered from the belly of a whale and the valley of the shadow of death, I experienced the true divine love of God that truly transformed my life. I am not the same person that I used to be and I thank God for everything that He has allowed to transpire in my life. All things truly do work for good when we love God and are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28). I made my great x-cape by escaping from the person that I used to be to becoming the person that God ordained for me to be. Who would have ever thought that we could escape from ourselves! If God can help me, I know that God can help anybody!
If someone wants to get a copy of your book, The Great X-Cape, where can they find it?

My book, The Great X-Cape is now available nationwide. It can be purchased through Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, Books a Million, Boone Bridge books, Tower books, Powell books, and any other places where books are sold. My book can also be purchased by me directly by contacting me at
 http://www.thegreatx-cape.com/ .



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