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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Guest Author Kathy Brunner and her book "One More Serving"

Kathy Brunner has done a masterful job of compiling her book ONE MORE SERVING in such a way as to provoke the reader into an unplanned "take an inventory of your life" moment.  Our lives can be changed in a flash, and what is truly important often becomes much clearer during those times.  Kathy has captured unique & amazing stories from the most unlikely sources and written this wonderful book in order to share them.  ONE MORE SERVING encourages us to believe in God's sovereignty, knowing that when we make choices, His plans will never be thwarted or compromised.  Our destinies are in His will, and we are often used by Him to impact someone else's life during our time on earth.  Your plate may be full, or almost empty, but one thing is certain - there's always room for one more serving!  God will dish it up one spoonful at a time.  Deb McCarragher

Kathy's thoughts:

In the blink of an eye, your life can be hijacked by a defining moment.

ONE MORE SERVING contains the stories of ordinary individuals whose lives became extraordinary because of their reactions to those defining moments. These stories are about your friends, neighbors, colleagues and just about anyone you do life with daily.

ONE MORE SERVING proves that total strangers can rearrange lives, circumstances can change the story you thought your life would tell to something you can barely believe and each day someone or something is rewriting another person’s story.

Regardless of the work you do, the experience you have, the circumstance you find yourself in; the next moment might be the one that changes everything. You might not see it coming, but you will never forget when it happens.  How will your story be told when your defining moment arrives?

Because everyone has a story and some are simply meant to be told.

An Interview with Kathy Brunner:

What was the inspiration for writing ONE MORE SERVING

As I began to really talk to different people I met, I quickly recognized that many of us are living next door or working with incredible people who have an amazing story to share beyond the façade we may know. The more people I talked with, the more I realized that we seldom share defining moments but rather wait for others to discover or uncover them, and yet those moments may have made all the difference in who we become.

Why did you select these particular stories for your book from all the people you interviewed?
These stories represent a cross section of “ordinary individuals,” people we do life with daily. Defining moments are not dependent on age, gender, economic factors, education, or any other specific characteristics.

There are some very unique aspects about ONE MORE SERVING, tell us about that?
This book is unique because it can also be used as a personal workbook and several of the individuals in the book agreed to providing ways that the reader can contact them, In fact, some of the people whose stories were shared were thrilled to have readers contact them and strike up a friendship.

What particular message do you want readers to get from reading this book?
We have no idea when a defining moment will occur. We don’t necessarily plan for them. Our lives can change in the blink of an eye with the next person we meet or the next situation we find ourselves in. We need to see every encounter, no matter how insignificant as a potential moment to change everything. We also need to recognize we may cause the next defining moment for someone else. We are like dominos in a maze;, what happens to one of us can easily affect someone we don’t even yet know.

How can people get a copy of ONE MORE SERVING or schedule a workshop with you.
My book is available through BookLocker, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com and Books a Million.com. I can be contacted at onemoreserving@gmail.com or through the website, http://www.onemoreserving.com/ .

I promise individuals once they attend a B.L.E.S.S.E.D. Event workshop, they will never look at people within their slice of life the same way again.

Biography -    Kathleen L. Brunner M.ED

Kathy grew up in a small town in western Pennsylvania where everyone knew your name no one locked his doors, everyone’s child was looked after by everyone else and at the end of the day most people knew one another’s business as well as his own. What it may have lacked in privacy, it more than made up for in loyalty, commitment and genuine concern for one another. From a young age, she recognized the value of a network of soul mates that encouraged your dreams, sustained your hopes, carried your sorrows and revived your spirits. As she encountered individuals she became acutely aware of how one life could dramatically affect another.

Always a believer in a divine plan for each life, she discovered that everyone has defining moments in life when nothing will ever be the same and those moments are catalysts in shaping our lives. Kathy began asking individuals about their own defining moments and discovered that we may never plan for or know when a defining moment occurs, but we will never forget whenever it does. In talking with countless individuals, she learned that ONE event, ONE encounter, ONE circumstance can change a life from the one we thought we had to one we could not even fathom. In that spirit, she tells the incredible stories of ordinary people making extraordinary contributions with their response to their defining moment in her recent book, ONE MORE SERVING.

Kathy is a speech and language therapist, has been a business owner for over twenty years, writes and engages individuals in dynamic interactive workshops and inspiring seminars.

She and her husband live in Atlanta, Georgia. They have raised three delightful gifts from God. She welcomes hearing from others because she knows everyone has a story and some are simply meant to be told.

You can purchase Kathy's book on her website (below)

Kathy's Website:  http://www.onemoreserving.com/
Kathy's Blog:       http://www.onemoreserving.blogspot.com/



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