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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Guest Author Kristine McGuire & "Escaping the Cauldron"

I'd like to introduce you to Kristine McGuire, author of the book "Escaping the Cauldron: Ghosts and the Paranormal".  Have you experimented with the occult? Do you find yourself being pulled into the paranormal?  There are Christians who have, and Kristine was one of them.

Kristine McGuire has written a book that is a must read for any parent, friend or family member who has known someone trapped by the spiritual underworld and its web of lies. Her book “Escaping the Cauldron” systematically breaks down the allure of the paranormal, and why so many spiritually hungry people are drawn to its appealing qualities of excitement and intrigue. Kristine candidly exposes not only her own fascination with the occult, but her sincere regret at pursuing this warped version of spiritual intimacy. She readily concurs that Jesus Christ is the only True spiritual guide for her as a believer, and that her past involvement with demonic spirits was foolish and dangerous. Her use of the Holy scriptures make the argument that only God’s Word can truly open the eyes of the spiritually blind, and that He alone can bring healing and restoration to a life in the clutches of evil spirits and demonic activity. Kristine has truly written a book that will make the demons tremble and satan packing his bags for a one-way trip back to his pit. I recommend giving this book to anyone who is living in a danger zone with one foot in the kingdom of God, and one foot in satan’s den. “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)     [Reviewed by Deb McCarragher]

This is an excerpt from Kristine's book:
     A little over a year ago God gave me a vision. He wanted me to share the story of how He rescued me from the occult. I knew I was meant to write a book about my experiences but the question was how should
I go about it?  As I began exploring options my husband, Thom, encouraged me to create a blog. A place to share my thoughts about daily life as a Christian, and inform others about the occult through my past experiences as a witch, medium, and ghost hunter. I thought that sounded like a good idea and so Kristine Remixed was created.  "Escaping the Cauldron" was inspired from a collection of articles I wrote on the topics of ghosts, ghost hunting, and mediums for Kristine ReMixed, October - December 2009.  The idea behind "Escaping the Cauldron", and future books in the series, is to create an easy resource for you to share with others; arranged in a format where each chapter can either stand alone or as a unified whole. Allowing you, the reader, to pick and choose what you want to read.  My prayer is that "Escaping the Cauldron: Ghosts and the Paranormal" will bring honor to my Savior, Jesus Christ, and help raise awareness in the church to the current unprecedented interest in the occult in America. I hope this book will be an encouragement to those who may be questioning their faith, as I once did, or who may be doing some dabbling themselves.
Here is a brief interview with Kristine:  
What is the book about?
The book is part of my testimony of how I went from being a committed, but legalistic, Christian for 29 years to being a witch, medium, and ghost hunter for eight years before God restored my faith and life. The book also examines the current popular interest in the paranormal and how it is affecting Christians, their beliefs, etc.

Why call it Escaping the Cauldron?
This is actually the first book in a series about the occult. I chose to write several books that are basically collections of essay's inspired by my blog and written from my personal experiences as a witch, medium, and ghost hunter. The first one honestly has more to do with ghost hunting, mediumship, and the paranormal but I chose "Escaping the Cauldron" as the title of the series because (for me) witchcraft was truly my entry into a variety of areas of occult interest including divination, developing psychic ability and mediumship, ghost hunting, etc. So when I was finally able to turn away from witchcraft (escape the cauldron) I found freedom from the occult in general.

What do you think is the most important chapter of the book?
I think there are several chapters that are important but I suppose Haunting Spirits is one I think people should read because it discusses what is behind hauntings and ghost activity. Many people want to believe loved ones can come back to visit or haunt a location as a ghost but I don't believe the Bible supports that idea.

What do you hope to accomplish with this book?
Honestly, I simply want the church to begin acknowledging the presence of a spirit world and listen to people who come forward with stories and claims of paranormal experiences without dismissing them immediately. When the church refuses to listen people are forced to seek help elsewhere and that means ghost hunters, mediums, and psychics. I also hope to encourage Christians who may be questioning their faith to seek a deeper relationship with God, especially if they are stuck in a form of legalism. Our answers truly can be found in Jesus Christ.
Kristine is a Christian wife and mother. She works with her husband, Thom, through Big Fish Ministries, is a Biblical Counselor, and writes for her blog, Kristine ReMixed. Kristine has published her book, "Escaping the Cauldron", detailing her former experiences as a witch, medium, and ghost hunter. In the book she discusses the current interest in the Occult and how it is subtly influencing Christians. Kristine also is a featured columnist for http://www.positivelyfeminine.org/ . You can purchase her book at http://www.kristinemcguire.com/  and from Lulu.com or Amazon.com.



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