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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Guest Author Sheryl Young Shares About Christian & Jewish Parallels

How Much do Christians Know 
About the Jewish People?

How can Christians gain a fresh, love-filled perspective toward the Jewish people today?
What makes a person consider him or herself Jewish?
Why are Jewish people hesitant to accept the Gospel message of Christ as  Messiah?
How can "The Church" speak up for Israel's existence?
And the often-debated question: "Do Jewish people really need to be “converted”?
These are just a few of the topics Sheryl writes about in her book:
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"What Every Christian Should Know About the Jewish People" 
Sheryl shares three things with us about herself and her book
    As a Jewish person, how did you come to know Jesus as your Messiah?            
My family lived in an all-Christian neighborhood because of my father’s job. I really believed all the stories in the Torah (Jewish version of Old Testament), but I also wanted to know more about the Jesus my friends spoke of.
When we moved away from there, I forgot my desire for many years. Then, my grandparents died, and our family fell away from practicing Judaism. After I got married, my husband (whose mother was a Christian) just up and went to church one day. About two weeks later, he came home and said he’d accepted Jesus. So I went along to church, to see what it was about.
All those feelings came rushing back. But I still thought, I’m a Jewish girl, how can I accept Jesus? Then, the church had a revival and a Jewish believer in Jesus came to give her testimony and sing Messianic Jewish songs! That night, I gave my life to Christ.

  What was the driving force behind your writing this book for Christians – and not a book for Jewish people about Christ?
Since finding the Lord in 1987, so many Christians have asked me questions about the Jewish religion, Jesus’ Jewish upbringing, and why Jewish people find it hard to accept Jesus as the Messiah. Also, there have been recent times that churches have attempted to “evangelize the Jews” without learning about them first. I felt a strong calling to help Christians have more tools and knowledge for reaching out to the Jewish world community in friendship and love.

  What are a few questions you answer in the book?
I’m asked most often:
-Is Judaism a religion, a nationality or a culture?
-Why did Hitler target Jewish people and those who helped them in the Holocaust?
-How can I, as a Christian, defend Israel’s existence?
-Do Jewish people really need to be “converted,” and must they leave all their Jewishness behind?
And so much more!
An award-winning journalist and an author, Sheryl's writing has been seen in magazines, newspapers, websites and anthologies. Sheryl’s been freelance writing professionally since 1997. Her work has been seen in the Tampa Tribune, St. Pete Times and Florida Baptist Witness Newspapers; Light & Life, Today’s Christian Woman and Better Nutrition Magazines; “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” Vista Sunday School Curriculum, NewChristianVoices.com and most currently as Staff Writer for The Underground Online Christian Magazine.  She shares her unique perspective on politics, entertainment, society, faith and life at her Blog at: 
Her book is available  (online only) at Lifeway Stores.com  http://bit.ly/9O2UNa , as well as Amazon.com & most other popular bookselling websites.

This book isn't a gift to give to a Jewish friend. It's for Christians to learn more about the Jewish faith, the "Jewishness" of Jesus, how to help Jewish people believe that the Whole Bible is Truth, and many more topics. Inside my book, you can discover the key to building bridges between the only two faiths who believe in the one true God. Who better to explain all this than a Jewish person who has found Jesus as her Lord and Savior?  That's me!


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