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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

#1 Best Seller on Amazon - "Simply Salsa" by Janet P Eckles

Janet Perez Eckles’ new release, Simply Salsa: Dancing Without Fear at God’s Fiesta tells real-life stories to show how she lost her sight, lost her son, endured injustice and other adversity, Yet her life dances to the melody of God’s Word. In her book, you’ll see how you too can delight in the same victory. Each insight and story will captivate you to see God’s power at work to  set you free from the effects of tough situations.

Janet's speaking presentations ignite in you the passion to overcome. She inspires both English- and Spanish-speaking audiences. She was honored by receiving the “Latina Woman Who Makes A Difference Award 2011.”

About the Book: 

Simply Salsa:Dancing Without Fear at God’s Fiesta
What keeps women from dancing to the freedom God offers?
With passion and boldness, Simply Salsa exposes the lies and misconceptions that imprison women with unfounded insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. No matter the degree of adversity or pain, Janet Eckles has discovered an alternative to gloom—through the security that is only found in God’s love.

When women in the Bible faced tribulations and trials, they sought God’s grace. Simply Salsa illustrates how that same grace offers today’s women the opportunity to:

Leave the ugly past behind and look to a fresh tomorrow
Find peace and increased faith as you wait for answers to prayer
Embrace God’s comfort to conquer sorrow and disappointment
With her own life experiences as testimony, Eckles will have you dancing!

About Janet:

I’ve weathered tornadoes of pain during my lifetime. When I was 32, Retinitis Pigmentosa robbed me of my eyesight and winds of anguish thrust me into emotional darkness. I was tempted to sink into self-pity and stay there. The adversity intensified with marital infidelity and financial hardship. Then, years later, another storm buffeted me, bringing even greater heartache. My son, Joe, was tragically killed in a senseless altercation. Hoping for justice, I endured the trial of the man responsible. But to our astonishment, he was acquitted of all charges. “How unfair,” I screamed inside. Resentment, anger and sorrow threatened to consume me. Lost in my heartache, I groped in desperation.

Finally, I turned to God, and He unlocked a new world for me through the verse that says, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33).

I clung to that reassurance and, one step at a time, gained strength, received comfort and rekindled the drive to keep going.

When Janet is not writing blogs, stories for my magazine columns, for anthologies or chapters for her books, she's traveling across the country and internationally for speaking engagements and mission trips. When at home, Janet teaches ladies’ Sunday school at South Orlando Baptist Church where she & her husband worship.

What Others Are Saying

“In an engaging and refreshingly creative style, Simply Salsa addresses the issue of how fear can paralyze women. Each insight unravels the lies behind our fears. With the author’s own life journey and the experiences of other women, Simply Salsa is a guide to finding hope to overcome any fear. Like talking to a close friend about deep issues, this book is delightfully powerful!” 
--Nancy Wilson, author, speaker, Global Ambassador for Campus Crusade for Christ/Story Runners 

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SIMPLY SALSA                                       

 You can also visit Janet's website at:   www.janetperezeckles.com

Deborah is the author of a Christian non-fiction book titled “Mission Possible”.  It is written for women who love the Lord Jesus, but their spouse doesn’t share their passion.  It will encourage and challenge the reader to embrace God’s promises for their spouse and future together. 




  1. What an amazing story, Janet! Thank you for sharing this, Deborah. Sounds like an inspiring book. :-)

  2. Thanks for visiting Dineen. Janet is a wonderful author & inspirational speaker living on west coast of Florida. She reminds me of Jennnifer Rothschild (they have actually met).

    It would be a great gift idea! :)

  3. What a spiritual journey. Thank you for sharing this with us. This book sounds like one that would help anyone's faith. Blessings.Snodove

  4. Wow-excellent story about turning adversity into an inspiring journey with the One who knows us so well.


  5. Snowdove - thanks for stopping by! Janet is awesome and her story is a real faith builder.

    Sonya - I appreciate your visit! This book is an excellent read and so inspiring.

  6. I am so excited to read her book. It sounds wonderful!!! Thanks for this post. Blessings!

  7. Sounds like a great book and as a latina woman myself, I love the title! That is the key - to seek God's grace in times of tribulation. I too thank you for sharing!

  8. I have ordered my copies and cannot wait to read one and give some away. I want to share Janet's tremendous testimony of love, forgiveness, and grace.

  9. Paulette - thanks for stopping by! Janet is indeed a portrait of Christian perseverance in the face of adversity!

    Darlene - I appreciate your sharing on Janet's behalf. It'll be a great read!

  10. Theresa - I appreciate your visit! I'm so honored to have hosted Janet on my blog!

    Dee - Bless you for stopping by! Janet reaches across denominational and cultural lines in this great book. To God be all the glory!

    Elaine - Great to have you visit my blog! I still need to order mine! Bless you...

  11. I had the opportunity to review "Simply Salsa" before its release, and I was humbled and awed at how God worked in Janet's life. The amazing thing is, if God can do that for Janet, He can do that for you. Read her story and you will be blessed.

  12. Thanks for stopping by Lorilyn! I can't wait to read it - what a classy lady Janet is and so quick to give God all the glory!

  13. Congratulations to Janet for her great Book Launch. Thanks for having her on your site Deborah! Thank God for the loving team work we have in the John 3:16 Group. Blessings! Deborah

  14. Thanks for your encouraging words Deborah! And yes, God gets all the kudos for a wonderfully successful book launch!

  15. Thanks for sharing Janet's awesome testimony. What a great inspiration it is to us all!

  16. I appreciate your stopping by Cheryl. Thanks for supporting Janet on your website as well. What a blessing she is!

  17. What a remarkable story and inspirational story!

  18. Thank you for stopping by Lisa. Please share this with others who need the encouragement and hope her story offers.



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