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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guest Blogger Kathryn Sneed

Kathryn is 23 years old, a military wife, and a Christian.  She has been married to her wonderful husband Jonathan, who is in the United States Air Force, for about a year and half now. Her husband will have been in the Air Force for two years in July, and they are stationed in Georgia. They are expecting their first baby, a boy in June and are very excited to see what the Lord has for them as a family!

Kathryn's Blog "Singing in the Rain" features posts about military life, baby and new parent topics, as well as everyday struggles and triumphs.  Kathryn is participating in the "Wives of Faith" Blog carnival and has many links on her site relating to military family life.

Kathryn's Guest Post -        Overcoming Worry & Fear

I subscribe to several blogs by email and today I read a really great post that made me think about some things! The post was called, Breaking Free from Worry and Fear by Jocelyn Green author of the book, Faith Deployed. In her post, Jocelyn discusses how military wives share the recurring theme of fear and worry in their lives, as they watch their husbands deploy. She gives several tips for overcoming fear and worry and also quotes several other military wives.

How true it is, the worry and fear military wives go through either every day or most days. I remember when my husband, Jon told me he was going to join the Air Force. I was terrified! I knew nothing about the military or the military life, and all I could think about was him deploying. I will admit it, I cried. I cried the night he told me his decision. I was so confused as to where I would fit in and what would happen. At the time we were not married yet, and we were a month away from becoming engaged. My husband has not even deployed yet, and I am still a bit scared for him to go. I cannot even imagine what it is like for the wives who have been through it 2-3 times already!

Fear and worry have always been a problem in my life. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fearful of the unknown. I worried about bad things happening, I have even had anxiety/panic attacks because of it. Sad, I know. Even more sad knowing I have a Saviour who is there to help me any time of the day and wants me to come to him, but I don't. It is something I have struggled with and am determined to overcome. I am getting better each day with God's help!

In her post, Jocelyn Green lists several verses about fear and worry and several quotes that really spoke to me. One verse is, I Peter 5:7 "Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." God cares about every little thing in our lives. He does not want us to worry or fear, because He is in control. When worrying about deployments, here are a few things to think about:  

“Whether they are at home or abroad, God’s plan for us is already written, we cannot do anything to change it!”  -National Guard wife Mary Whitlock

How true that is! Knowing that we cannot change what will happen should help you not to worry. Remembering it is in God's hands and knowing that He already knows the outcome.

"There comes a point in every military wifes’ life when she is going to have to answer the question- Is God enough? Big enough to deal with the fear of death? Big enough to take care of her and her babies, should the unthinkable happen?"   -Air Force wife Ellie Kay

This is so true, and really made me think. I should not even have to ask the question, "Is God big enough?" Because to get to that point I have already answered my question by asking. If we have to ask then we do not believe it to be true. We may want to, but we still may have that fear in the back of our minds. We have to determine to let go and tell God, "You are big enough. Big enough to take care of my problems, big enough to take care of my fears and worries, and big enough to take care of my husband."

It really makes you think doesn't it? What are some ways you deal with fear and worry? Everyone has fears, whether you are a military wife or not. Just determine that you will overcome them with God's help in your life!

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